Groups (2-49 lives)

How we can help organizations manage their benefits

We can help you develop a benefits package as simple or complex as you want with one or more of these benefits:

-Health Insurance



-Disability income


-Voluntary plans

Our services include an online benefits management, communication and enrollment package that vastly simplifies your benefits offerings. Contact us for more information. 


Q: What if some of my employees have health problems? Can we get a health plan?

A: Yes. Small group Major Medical health insurance coverages are guaranteed issue by law. The premium on your plan will be determined by the health of a large pool, not just your group.

Q: How much of employee premiums must I pay?

A: At least 50% of the base plan employee only premium. You are not required to pay any dependent premium.

Q: If I set up a health plan am I required to offer the plan for a whole year?

A: No. You are in complete control of your own plan. You may change plans, insurance companies at any time. It is your plan.